It all starts in Sainte Luce – a most singular place at the southern tip of Martinique, where the sun nurtures our sugar canes on what is the island’s largest estate. Blessed by exceptional sun exposure, cooled by the trade winds coming from the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, and nourished by the clayey soil’s wealth of minerals, our land is truly a gift from nature. We honor this bounty through a manufacturing process of excellence, regulated by the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée “Rhum de la Martinique.”

From sugarcane to juice

From February to June, we carefully harvest our sugar cane in such a way that its fresh sugar cane aroma is preserved. The pure cane juice thus collected – which contains Martinique’s highest sugar concentration, thanks to our land’s exquisite sun exposure – then makes its way to our steel tanks. The fermentation can now begin.

Creole Column Distillation

The cane wine we obtain through fermentation is then moved to our vapor still column, where it is heated by the steam. Once cooled, the extracted white rum has an alcohol content between 65 and 75% per volume. Our Creole Column is the living proof of our ancestral savoir-faire. Regulated through an Appellation d’origine protégée (Protected designation of origin) seal, it defines our rums’ unique profile, which expresses the terroir of Southern Martinique’s full aromatic heritage.

our cellar master image

Our Cellar Master

Daniel Baudin – the guardian of Trois Rivières’ savoir-faire – joined our House in 1991, and has been the creative force behind each and every bottle of our pure cane rhum ever since. His virtuosity in barrel selection and aging techniques make him one of the world’s greatest Cellar Masters. It’s only natural, then, that he was awarded the 2019 Best Rum Master Distiller award at the International Rum Conference – the crowning of years of passionate dedication to the craft, celebrating the exceptional quality of Trois Rivières creations.

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