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The Triple Millésime 2006 – 2014 – 2016, the 6th edition of our Triple Millésime, represents the rigor and authenticity of Trois Rivières rhums. Aged with passion in American and French oak barrels, it offers a unique tasting experience. The aromatic complexity of the 2014 vintage fuses with the depth and roundness of the 2006, while the freshness of the 2016 adds a vibrant touch to this perfect blend.


With its rich character and marine notes, Trois Rivières Triple Millésime truly embodies the essence of the Southern Martinique terroir.


A delicate golden color with mahogany highlights signals a blend with unique characteristics. Thick tears testify to opulent richness. Aromas of tarte tatin and honey precede exotic notes of William pear and Timut pepper. On the palate, a balanced roundness harmonizes with spices, grey pepper, ginger and a hint of mild chilies. Despite its complexity, a lingering crispness accompanies each sip, with subtle accents of oriental spices on the finish.



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